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The increased output of a sector indicates that additional amounts of products are available to be used as inputs by other sectors which can increase their production, which is captured in this indicator vector.


forward_linkages(output_coefficient_matrix, digits = NULL)



An output coefficient matrix created with the output_coefficient_matrix_create function.


Number of decimals for rounding, defaults to NULL.


The vector of industry (product) forward linkages in a long-form data.frame, containing the metadata column of the the row names from the output_coefficient_matrix.


Forward linkages as defined by the Eurostat Manual of Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables (pp. 506--507) and the United Nations Handbook on Supply and Use Tables and Input-Output Tables with Extensions and Applications p637.

See also

Other linkage functions: backward_linkages()


data_table = iotable_get()

de_out <- output_coefficient_matrix_create ( 
 data_table, "tfu", digits = 4

forward_linkages(output_coefficient_matrix = de_out, 
                 digits = 4 )
#>              iotables_row forward_linkages
#> 1       agriculture_group           2.1128
#> 2          industry_group           1.6909
#> 3            construction           1.3559
#> 4             trade_group           1.5850
#> 5 business_services_group           2.1040
#> 6    other_services_group           1.2105